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The Coalition is a community-based collective of individuals & groups ready for change. 


The Coalition exists to bring forth the voices of those who were silenced, both in speech and in self-determination; and, hold those who continue to perpetuate racism accountable to the communities they serve.

Community Engagement

Community Gatherings

Join us Live as we connect with The Coalition community and exchange ideas, resources, supports, ways to take action in your community.


When: 4th Thursday of every month starting April 22, 2021

@ 5:30pm - 7:30pm MDT

Where: Live on Zoom (Join The Coalition to receive meeting link).

The Coalition Hosts...

Parents, youth, professionals, and other workers impacted by child welfare systems. share their experience and expertise.

When: Coming Soon!

Where: Visit our Youtube Channel

Join The Coalition!

Thank you for joining the movement to #endsystemicracisminchildwelfare!

Our voices tearing through centuries

The calls of mothers and of fathers and of children

We will be heard

Not echoes


Full of pain and anger and love for that which is good and rage against the unrighteous

That which takes beauty and condemns it to suffer oppression.

We will be heard

With our hands we built this nation

We have bled our souls into this soil made so strong

by our hands

Everything made strong

By our hands

We will be heard

We aren’t asking you to make this journey for us

We have been made strong by our own hands

No we are telling you to get out of our way

We will be heard.

- FDH -

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