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Home Study Evaluations

The screening of the home and life of prospective kinship, foster, and adoptive families through intimate interviews and required documentations. Home studies conducted at the MJ Consulting Firm consist of the examination of the client's cultural awareness, education, and competence in becoming a placement for children from multiethnic and cultural backgrounds. The assessment and evaluation of the applicant's strengths and capacity in understanding the experience of foster care and adoption to determine the suitability of the prospective placement to provide a safe and secure home environment for a child (and or children).

Reasonable Efforts Case Appraisal

The Examination of efforts made to preserve and reunify children and families involved in the Child Welfare and Juvenile Delinquency System. The MJ Consulting Firm believes in the foundation of Families First, IF the child (and Children) are deemed to be safe with family or relatives. It is the goal of this firm to continue to fight for the vulnerable populations involved in the child welfare and justice system to confront and combat generational trauma, caused by systems "involvement".

Parent Child Interaction Assessments

A culturally respectful assessment of a child(ren) and their care provider(s) (including their parent, or relative), appropriateness and attachment detection. The MJ Consulting firm understands the uniqueness and complexity of a child's relationship with its family. Taking into account the families cultural and customs framework, this firm not only obtains action observations , but gains the historical family relationship with attachment as it pertains to their culture. 

Education & Advocacy Trainings

The MJ Consulting Firm continues to advocate for the vulnerable population most  negatively affected by the Child welfare and justice system. We continue to demand change and reform from all parties that uphold white supremisist practices in this area of law by first educating faults of the structure, then providing recommendations and or modifications to combat systemic racism. We do this by working with child welfare organizations, adoption agencies ,placement agencies, healthcare providers and early childhood and adolescents educators. We also work diligently in bringing change and awareness to policies both at the state level, and national level.


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