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To dismantle culturally incompetent practices and mitigating such practices impact on the community by challenging sources of oppression and inequality in the child welfare system. We do this through education, advocacy, partnership and direct services. 

How We Do This

Through the lens of Cultural and Social Responsibility, we provide services that combat systematic racism within the child welfare, and Juvenile Delinquency structures. 


  • Child Development Experts

  • Creation of Training Manuals for Therapeutic Support

  • Crisis Intervention Tools

  • Trauma Informed Care Specialist 

  • Community Resource Counseling

  • Administers of Psychosocial Assessments

  • Case Management

  • Developed  & Administered Mental Health Treatment Plans

  • Developed Family Safety Plans

  • Developed Reunification Treatment Plans

  • Play Therapist

  • Domestic Violence Survivor Support Planning

  • Adult Case Management Services

  • Group Home Case Management

  • Developed Clinical Assessments & Interventions

  • Build Community Relations

  • Clinical Consultation & Advocacy for children and families

  • Provide Clinical Support & Expertise (in Dependency & Neglect) 

  • Family Preservation Planning

  • Developed and Implemented Therapeutic &  Educational Assessments

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